Ground Water Study:

  • Assessment and description of available ground water Reservoir condition against complex water.
  • Design for scheme and arrangement of tubewells
  • Assessment and description of aquifer characteristics by drilling with the help of complete scheme.
  • Assessment of aquifer characteristics by resistivity method specially electrical resistivity.
  • Assessment and description of impact of new wells and well spacing considering the phenomenon of well interface.
  • Assessment and description of impact of use of groundwater and surface water by the Project on the water needed by the surrounding community.
  • Carrying out aquifer test/pump out test.
  • Analysis of aquifer test data to assess hydraulic parameter of aquifer.
  • Monitoring of drawdown conditions and later recharging phenomena.
  • Monitoring of stand pipe piezometers during drawdown/recharging mechanism keeping in view seasonal and weather changing to evaluate the fluctuation of groundwater.
  • Designing of the wells as per the need of the Client




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